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Best food for Neos


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Not sure what the best is but my neos love borneowild grow, shrimp nature werwa and Hans fruit mix. Hans sells Borneowild samples and he ser me a few samples of his different foods free a while ago.

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I would have to start out by saying there is not a "Best Food" for any shrimp. I think most of us as hobbyists attempt to find natural/organic foods that our shrimp seem to love and enjoy. Alot of times it is important for the company to provide us as consumers a list of ingredients, this way we know what exactly our shrimp are ingesting. This is important as we don't want to provide our precious shrimp with by-products, ash, or just ingredients we have no clue what they are.


Ultimately it will come down to what your shrimp love. I do recommend leaf litter for all shrimp tanks, to include IAL, Guava, Oak, Papaya, Walnut, and many more. Leaf litter provides our shrimp several beneficial properties like anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. At the same time micro-organisms are breaking down the leaves which the shrimp will feed on, aka Biofilm. 


When I kept Neos, I used the CSF Brand and EBITA Breed. Both were fantastic in my opinion!

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I tried some Borneowild Grow and some Jake's homemade veggie food and both leave a oil film on the water. They like both as well as Hikari Crab Cuisine, but Crab Cusine has too much protein and leaves no oil film.


I think I'm going to try just IAL and Oak leaves for a while and see how that goes.

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I will try omniapro I think, is it also a good source of calcium? I have indian almond leaves as well. So I will break some of those up for the little guys. They are blue dream neos, anything needed to maintain their color? 


Thanks everyone


anything that has spinach will have calcium.  ;)

blue dreams are not "true" blue.

it's in the DNA.

the foods may darken the color,but it's not going to change it.


Shrimp king - cheap and shrimps love it

complete and pea/leaf loops.

they don't seam to care for the others.

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CSF OmniaPro is one of the best foods for all shrimp.

Most complete foods contain too much protein and can cause problems. OmniaPro has just 16.9%

CSF has different foods, which ones do you use and do they hold well or fall apart easy?

 Where do you find CSF products?

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