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Anybody try or use Salty Shrimp Aquarium GH/KH+

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I'm going to try this and was wondering if anybody else uses this?


I have 4 tanks and want to use the water from my 20 gallon reserve for all the tanks.



1. Community - Harlequin Rasbora, Black Neon Tetra, Panda Cory's, Nerites

2. Betta - 1 Betta, some bloody Mary Shrimp and a Horned Nerite

3. Future OEBT

4. Cull Tank


I tried Salty shrimp Shrimp GH/KH+ and I think it made my Betta sick. He had swim bladder problems that went away eventually after I change the mineral back to GH booster and Potassium Bicarbonate and Seachem Trace.


I'm not sure if Aquarium GH/KH+ has different formula or not. I don't want to make my Betta sick again. Betta are sensitive to salt.


Here are some pics:





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The Shrimp Minerals GH/KH + only bothered the Betta, not the Community fish tank.


Now, ...I'm not positive the Betta was affect by the Shrimp Minerals GH/KH + he could've just had an illness that affect his swim bladder. Since the product label does not list the ingredients, I have no way to tell.

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After communicating with the manufacturer, they indicate that the trace elements mixture is the only difference. I personally believe they are the same and they are marketing to a different user base for increased sales. If their is a difference than it most likely wouldn't make any difference to fish and shrimp anyway, except maybe to the most delicate shrimp.

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OK, I tried this in all my tanks.


There must be a lot of sodium in this mixture because it irritated my catfish and Betta fish. This was the same reaction that Shrimp GH/KH+ had on my Betta and Cory's. I switched all tanks back to Ultimate GH Booster and Potassium Bicarbonate. My male Cory's gills started to bleed and he did not recover. The Betta developed a swim bladder ailment and he did recover when I switched back. I ordered 4 more Cory's because the two females I have left are restless without the male present.


As far as shrimp goes, they are neo's so they are OK with the Ultimate GH Booster.






So my hunch is the two products are the same.

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I wonder if the KH has something to do with it?


GH is just calcium, potassium and magnesium. So what they are using for KH is a mystery. It has something to do with sodium, because scaleless and betta fish are sensitive to too much sodium.


EDIT: Also to note that all the algae (except BBA) disappeared and my poor snails are scrounging around for leftover fish food. Also I have not seen a single pest snail since using it. Even after switching back, no pest snails. My assassin snails are attacking the small horned nerites because they are hungry.

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What about using seachem equilibrium and for kh calcium carbonate (lime) ?  I've never tried lime for KH personally, but I have calcium carbonate in my well water and can say it is one heck of a buffer.   You could try seachem alkaline buffer with acid buffer but I think alkaine buffer is sodium bicarbonate based.  There are other ingredients as well according to seachem, and perhaps it won't irritate your fish since it is made by aquarium experts.

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