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Buffer pH up


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Hey I have a Blood Marry and Orange Eye Blue Tiger tank and my BMs are breeding like crazy but my OEBT not so much. pH is around 6.5, I'm thinking that may be a little low for my OEBT. If I monitor the pH and drop a few pieces of crushed coral into the tank every few days over I'd say a 2 week span do you think that would be a safe and effective way to buffer my pH up to about 7.2-7.4? Substrate is seachem flourite black.



Thanks for the help!

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I was having low ph issues with my RO water in my carbon tank..    A guy who builds tanks and runs his own LFS  gave me some white rock to put in.  He said it is like crushed coral.  He called it Rubble Rock?    He said it should slowly bring the ph up to the 7s but should not go above 7.5.    It has done the trick.  I put 2 small pieces in  and it took about a week for the PH to come up and settle at 7.3    it was super cheap too.  he put a couple lbs of it in a bag and charged me 1.50


Looks like this  sorry the pictures arnt great.. I am having a terrible time getting the camera to take pics in the white sand tank.  



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I think it's more a matter of whether you want a big white rock in your tank. The greater surface area of the bits of crushed coral also means that you should need less to achieve the same effect.

Now, me, I dump crushed coral over the substrate, and when that doesn't cut it, I get out the potassium bicarbonate and calcium hydroxide and pretend I'm a mad scientist.

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