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FS: 65-gallon planted tank! Plants, shrimp, fish, and more!


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Hey Shrimp Spot!


Downsizing sale! I am running out of room for fish tanks, and it's time to sell my beloved 65-gallon planted tank to a good owner! I've had this tank set up for a little over two years, with plenty of sweat, time, and money put into it. I've gone back and forth between holding onto it or letting it go, but I have come to realize I am just out of room. Here's what I am offering:



Alternanthera reineckii (just trimmed)

Blyxa japonica

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green'

Cryptocoryne nurii

Cryptocoryne parva

Echinodorus Parviflorus - Black Amazon Sword

Limnobium laevigatum - Amazon frogbit

Microsorum Pteropus 'Trident' - Trident Java Fern

Staurogyne repens

Xmas moss



2      Dario Dario

     Hemigrammus bleheri - Brilliant Rummy Nose Tetra

4      Melanotaenia praecox - Neon Rainbowfish

4      Mikrogeophagus ramirezi - Electric Blue Rams; 2 males, and 2 females

2-3   Otocinclus macrospilus

10+  Paracheirodon simulans - Green Neon Tetra

4-5   Paracheirodon axelrodi - Cardinal Tetra

1      Poecilia wingei - Endler's Livebearer

1      Tateurndina ocellicauda - Peacock Gudgeon female



Cherry shrimp, fire red shrimp, Amano shrimp, Malaysian Trumpet Snails



4-5 inches of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia - Normal type, with Power Sand Special-S, and Osmocote Plus capsules. (I also added the full line of ADA substrate products at initial startup, including Penac-P, Penac-W, Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, and Clear Super.)



20" driftwood. I forgot if it was Mopani or Malaysian, but I remember shelling out some good dough for it.



Tank - Aquarium Masters 65-gallon black-rimmed glass aquarium


Stand - Aquarium Fundamentals 50/65 gallon upright stand, black


Filter - Fluval 306 external filter with fully seeded bio rings, two bags of Purigen, bio-foam, and stock sponges


Lights - 2 DD Giesemann Midday 6500k T5 HO lights, 2 DD Giesemann Midday AquaFlora bulbs, both sets 3 months old. Plus, I have the same 4 bulbs new. So you will be getting 8 bulbs total--4 used, and 4 new. The used bulbs are currently housed in 2 Current USA Nova Extreme T5HO X2 - Freshwater 36" fixtures. (Both fixtures are still working, but, honestly, the bulbs are worth more than the fixtures now, and I've been meaning to upgrade the fixtures to better ones. One leg is missing from both fixtures, but they still stand on the rim, and can be replaced or fixed.)



New Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit, Do!aqua Be Clear 200ml (3 bottles), Do!aqua Be Soft 200ml (2 bottles), 100+ Osmocote Plus capsules, and more!


Sorry, CO2 tank, diffuser, regulator, and drop checker are not for sale. Saving them for another project :)


Asking price: $499

Shrimp Spot member price: $475


Pick-up only. Cash or PayPal.


Offering this exclusively to Shrimp Spot members first, and then will be putting it up on Aquabid next week, so don't wait!


Thanks for looking!


post-514-0-42544900-1447313359_thumb.jpg post-514-0-38437400-1447313403_thumb.jpg




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Hey Shrimp Spot!


Unless specified below, all plants, fish, and shrimp are $1 each! Offering this deal to members on this forum first before posting on Aquabid.


Trident Java Fern - $5 ($16.99 regular price)

Electric Blue Ram - $3

Crypt parva - $1 per 5 shoots


20" driftwood (now covered in Christmas moss) - $50


New - DD Giesemann Midday 6500k T5 HO lights 39W x 2 - $10 each ($22.99 regular price)

New - DD Giesemann Midday AquaFlora bulbs 39W x 2- $10 each ($22.99 regular price)


65-gallon rimmed tank - $50 (once everything else is sold)


Local pick up in Sacramento, CA. Cash only.


Disclaimer: This is first and foremost a planted fish tank, with common snails, Malaysian Trumpet Snails, and Osmocote Plus. I have noticed some hydra in the past, but not recently. Since this is Shrimp Spot, I highly recommend any shrimpers to please rinse the plants carefully if you're going to be putting them in your shrimp tanks. With that said, my cherries and fire reds are thriving in this tank. :)


PM if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! :)

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