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Purigen reactor?


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Is there a simple way to build an air-driven Purigen reactor? I wanted to make something small scale, because my Sulawesi tank could use it, but keeping it in a media bag is hugely inefficient. I'm looking for air-driven so I don't add another piece of electrical equipment to my setup.

Tube with filter bag material sealing top and bottom ends, with an airline entering from the side? Would that work?

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That should work to get the water moving. I've used just an air stone and set the bag on top of it. Usually place it behind some plants and you can't see the purigen

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Having used Purigen, Chemi-pure and Polyfilter pads by Biomarine I have found that all 3 are great but the Polyfilter pads even placed in a filter corner without any water going through them have absorbed junk very nicely .

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