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Cycling 10 gallons


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Hey guys! Here is my planted, still cycling tank! I put some java fern in between my decorations(Im in love with the big broken pot and the root!) I have a timer so my plants get their 8 hours of light, heater at 25°C, some marimo moss balls floating around(I ordered 1 more since the shrimps like to munch those haha) and I am planing to get more plants near the ground so my future babies get nice places to rest! Tell me what you think guys! :)

Oh and I'll take better pics later tonight!


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Hello! Here's an update!

I bought a new filter(I've kept the bacteries, don't worry) I've add some more java moss and 2 other kind of plants. I've bought some nutrients for my plants, they seems to have a hard time growing some roots. I would say I have about 10-12 snails, still small but I just get the biggest ones out since they are the one laying eggs.


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