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Can someone identify these shrimp???


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So I went to my lfs and traded some pretty nice swordtails for some store credit. He told me he was getting some nice "blue shrimp" in stock if i wanted to purchase them. When I picked them up a couple of days later they had no blue color to them... so I put them in a tank with dark substrate and hoped for the best. It has been about two weeks and they have no blue in them whatsoever. I'm confused and frustrated and I'm now doubting whether or not they are supposed to be blue at all. They look more red but are most certainly not RCS as I keep those and know what they look like up close. Can someone please identify what species these shrimp really are?




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That's what I was thinking as well. Yes I am going to keep the two separate and I guess I will just see what develops when theselecting new guys decide to drop out some babies. That way I can put them in a few different tanks with different lighting, substrate, food etc. and sew what kind of color I get out of them.

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These are widely used to keep sumps and filter boxes free of algae and feeders as well. Visit sage aquatics and see for yourself. I got some from him a few years ago and they bred like mice, fun to have as it gave me basic experience in breeding neo's in general.

Who said they were blues?

I always bring an L.E.D. flashlight when visiting the LSF's as the color spectrum will bring out their true colors in any shrimp of fish.

Hey you can't beat the exchange from swords for shrimp either.

What type of swords do you keep???

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