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I have a question for experts :)

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Yepper.  Often we talk about neos producing wilds when crossed- which they do a majority of the time if the strains are not related.  For simplicity, we recommend not to do it.


However, the reality is if you know where the strains come from, some crossing can be done without producing many if any wilds.


True Blue Diamond and True Blood Mary both come from the Chocolate Diamond line.  This line throws BD, BM, Black Rose and others.  The colors were separated and bred too breed a higher percentage of that specific color.  Still a lot of culls, but nonetheless, a higher percentage.


By mixing these two together, all you are doing is mixing the modifiers again and creating the Chocolate Diamond strain again.


I don't really recommend it, because then you are wasting all the time and effort that has been put into these lines, but having said that- it can be done.  Just be aware you won't be getting high percentages of either BM or BD again.


Also be aware, many sellers are selling fire reds as BM now, and other blues as BD now.  If this is the case of yours, when crossing it will yield wilds.

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Well Put SOOTHINGSHRIMP! and I think your point about sellers selling fire reds as bloody mary, and other blues as BD now is very valid.....

I have experienced getting wild types just breeding my BD x BD, which means some other blue was in the mix and was not a true blue diamond and that caused wild types...


Hard to know exactly the source of the shrimp and their genetics and if they are true Bloody Mary and true Blue Diamond...

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