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Eheim fine filter pads

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How often (if ever) are you Eheim canister users replacing your fine filter pad?


Is this a "rinse and reuse" layer since it is so bacteria-laden, or should I still be replacing this periodically?

I keep rinsing it until its starts falling apart and if you use a pre-sponge on the intake then they last a long time. I use rinse and reuse and dont worry about bacteria because the rest of the filter media will do its job and quickly reseed the fine filter pad.

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Vpier's advice is spot on.  I do the same, and they will last a good amount of time.  One thing that I make sure and do is rinse it out in the tank water bucket.  I draw water out for the water change, and then I save that water, and rinse any filter pads, media, etc, in that water.  The water will get dark quick, but your filter will still rinse out nice.


I've also been buying my replacements at zanyzap.com which have a good selection and reasonable pricing.  You can also buy bulk filter pad and cut your own, but for the price at zanyzap, I just go that route.

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Usually about every 4-6 months I open up my canister filters. I usually pour out the water that is in the canister filter to rid some of the buildup at the bottom. I then replace the fine filter pad and just rinse and reuse the more course pad between the biomedia. Throw it all together and you have a clean filter and small water change all done at once.

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