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Getting rid of hitchhikers


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Looking for advice on the best way to treat plants before adding them to an aquarium.  I'm in the process of completely restarting a 29 gallon CRS tank from scratch and will be buying all new plants.  I'd really like to avoid getting any scuds, snails, worms, leeches, hydra, planaria, etc. in there at the start.  Any advice you guys could give would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Potassium permanganate – 1 gram/10 L H2O kills almost everything bar the plants, soak them for 10 mins max.


Whatever route you choose do a quick test for a day or two in another container of water afterwards to see if you are hitchhiker free ... this will also reduce the chances of any Potassium permanganate left on the plants infiltrating your CRS tank which is a no no.

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