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Fluval shrimp substrate


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Is this stuff ok to use with crystals? I have some with one of my tanks and really like it but wanna know more info from people on it before I take the plunge and replace all my sand with it for the crystals! My phone out of tap is 7.2 Thanks :)

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Well it's a good substrate, it's buffers and all, BUT as you just mentioned your tap has a ph of 7.2, I assume your using tap, so I wouldn't say its a good substrate for you if your using tap. Or for any buffering substrate. Why? Because if you use tap water as your main water source,the tap will kill the buffering ability in the substrate. So if you want to use any buffering soil or as you mentioned fluval, you may want to purchase a RO unit, unless you are looking to kill the buffering ability so that it would be a neutral soil.

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Ok so I do have a filtering system on my water supply does that make a difference?


If you can produce RO water or RO/DI water with your filtering system you'll be good. TDS out of that should be ~0 to get the most out of your fluval substrate.

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