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what do you all thing about these?


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He has good feedback it looks like.  His statement: "Do not bid if your weather is below 70 degrees or above 90 degrees or I will not guarantee your shrimp will arrive alive."  Makes me concerned.

Well, #1 They have already violated the shipping policy for live animals. #2 It is the SELLERS responsibility to get the package to arrive SAFETY to the customers door.


So if you order and something does happen and they don't help, you can open a dispute and will most likely win.

All live animals must be shipped via one day shipping according to eBay's policy.


But honestly, 70F-90F doesn't sound right.

With proper packaging, shrimps can survive even if your temps are in the 40s


Since it's coming from Hawaii, customers ordering from East Coast can expect 3-5 day delivery.

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