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Greetings from South Africa, Cape Town

Smart Shrimp

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A shout out from South Africa and I live in Cape Town. I started out with Aqua Scaping and came across shrimp being used to clean algae and the rest is history lol.

The hobby is very new still in South Africa and I think I am the first to bring the shrimp in and to resell comercially. Still learning the hobby and found this site "awesome indeed"

I already have a question for the pros, PH pen which brand is the best and what is the life expectancy of a probe if you have about 150 tanks that being 60 liter ones with a weekly water change of 20% being done?

Thank you,


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Hi Pierre-Jean

Welcome here!

I have bought some of your shrimp and its great quality!

Its also fantastic that this hobby is growing in SA

I am still after some panda, wine reds and blue bolts, so please let me know when you will importing some of them so I can get another tank ready for them


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Hi Maurice,

Bud I am going to do an import next month will let know what the price will be as the rand vs. dollar not to good if you keen good else I am breeding them to get the price down to R250 each as am paying over R450 per shrimp excluding freight for the King Kong, Blue Bolts.

Thank you and I am bringing in some soil and shrimp products soon bud.

Keep on Shrimping....

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Welcome Smart Shrimp! We are glad to have you. That is how I primarily started out with shrimp keeping.

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