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Im starting to think ive got 15 male shrimp... question


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So, I have atank of blue bolts and black pandas... Theyve been there for months with no breeding although the params are perfect.     Im not great at sexing shrimp, but I can look at my CRS and know which are female.    Looking at this tank, I dont see any and think for sure they are female.


So i'm curious if I can cross breed any of these to one of my other shrimp colony and have a chance at getting new pandas, bolts, or anything interesting at all.


I have OEBTs, CRS, and 1 single female CBS


Anything I can do here, or do I need to order more TBs and hope I get some females this time?

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Yea i think mischlings to TB will produce a higher % of TB while MxM will still produce TB just at a lower %. Not sure how aggressive TB are but my CRS will constantly harass a female after she's molted. Maybe get a breeder box to separate some of the males or they might end up killing her.

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Honestly just be patient. If your intent is more Taiwan bees don't cross them with anything but Taiwan bees. Either post a few pictures of the shrimp so we can help identify, or buy 5-10 more Taiwan bees. Sometimes it can be months before a shrimp of mine berry, but then within that time frame they all berry up at the same time.

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Currently at work, but had thes pic on my phone. (old pictures, the juvies in the pic are grown now, but look no different than the big guys to me.)    My profile pic is another one of them, which also looks male to me.



Another member has offered to sell me 3 female bolts, however.. so crisis averted.

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> Is that fluval stratum? If so how do you like it for the TBs?





It is.   


My PH stays at 6.2-6.4 (out of the tap my water is 7ish) but Ive also got catappa leaves and alder cones in there, so I don't know how much is the substrate vs the other stuff.

No huge complaints, my shrimp aren't dead, it doesn't seem to be leaching ammonia.    It's very lightweight, however, so plants need to be weighted.

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Maybe your tap water is preventing them to breed? Maybe it contains something in there, just my guess.


I'm using RO water, and have two tanks of CRS, that are breeding just fine in the same source water.


The params in this tank are

  • PH 6.2
  • KH 0
  • GH 5
  • ammonia, nitrite, nitrate 0 (well nitrate is probably realistically like 1-2ppm, but it doesn't register on the test)
  • temp is ~71-72f
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