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Shrimp going to give birth soon? Yes, no?


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Hi there!

The title pretty much says it all. I have a pregnant Sunkist Shrimp and I have never had a pregnant shrimp before. Just wondering if I'm correct in the behavior I'm seeing. The link at the end has a video.

Also, I cut up a fish net and placed it on top of the filter intakes, is that enough to keep the babies from getting sucked in?

Also also, I have 2 Endlers in the same tank, will they eat them?


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to be able to know when they will give birth you would have to know when she got pregnant. If you know this is will probably rough estimated take 3 weeks for neo's to give birth. You can also know if she will give birth soon is if you look closely to the eggs and see the eyes of the shrimplets, you should be able to see black eyes.


for the filtration i have to know what filtration system you have.


endlers eat baby shrimps even grown up shrimps. they will defenitly eat baby shrimps but the question will remain are they going to eat all the shrimplets :P  if you have alot of hiding place's and a big tank you should be good but be warned don't expect a high survival rate. 


oh before i forget, congratz m8 you will have soon 1 more berried female! if you pause the clip at 0:26 you will see a fire shrimp with a yellow back that are the eggs!  

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