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Roundworm on shrimp head?

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I have a bunch of small white roundworms sliding on the glass, and I let them be seeing how they're harmless, but a few days ago, I noticed one attached to a shrimp's rostrum. It's still attached today so I'm a little worried, this ever happen to anyone?


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The ones on the glass are probably harmless and are the type that go away with less feeding. The ones on the rostrum like that, I believe are parasites called scutariella or vorticella. Those are the two names I see tossed around the most for that parasite and I'm not sure which is which.


But I just happened to go through this as well and what I did was use an aquarium salt solution. I poured some RO water in a bowl and mixed in some aquarium salt. I used a second bowl with just RO water. Then I scooped up the affected shrimp and let him loose into the solution for about 30 seconds. The worm will jump off the shrimp. Then I scoop up the shrimp and dip him in the bowl with just the RO water for a few seconds just to sort of rinse off some salt. You'll want to make sure to rinse off your shrimp net before putting the little guy back in the tank too.


Repeat with other shrimp you see that have the same problem. Also, apparently these pests can infect others by eggs left in molts. So be sure to remove molts before the shrimp start eating them.

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