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Hey guys so a little back story about this moss. I remembered buying a buce a year ago and I noticed something moss like on the rock that it came with. My abused my tank and the moss that was already in there grew all over the place. I basically forgot about it ever since. I could stand my desk cube looking like an algae pool so I cleaned up the tank and I found it again growing. I basically put it on its own little piece of mesh and started growing it out for the past few months. As far as characteristics it's a slow grower and very compact in growth. It resembles NL but a super mini version. Any ideas?



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Is it a lighter green? The pictures are a bit grainy, but my guess would be Pearl moss (Plagomnium sp). Easy to grow, needs high light, hard to find. Propagate that and let me know when you have a 2x2 for sale! :]

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