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Help nitrate spike.

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i don't have any of that on hand and we are in a blizzard right now(go figure). i have a few different mosses in there mineral rock  cholla wood. two 30% water changes with ro water. even tried using some prime nothings working. its a 20g with 15 or so blue pandas and 25 bb. i dont think its them that causing the problem.

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i cycled all tanks for two weeks prior to adding all other tanks are perfect even my 55g community tank that i don't keep a eye on I've been caring for fish for  10plus years. shrimps   month or so. 



gh 5


ph 6.4-6.8

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Okay, so let's help try to figure this out. :)  Shrimping is a huge learning curve.  When I first started I lost 9 tanks of shrimp.  Just keep at it.  It's very rewarding.


You mentioned two 30% wc with ro.  If the ro was not remineralized that would drop your gh pretty fast.


Are you using co2?  ferts?

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so,a nitrite problem...


even if you cycle a tank if you don't feed it ammonia both bacteria die and start growing again when ammonia is present.


i guess you do what people do when they cycle a tank with fish.

do water changes to keep the nitrite to under 1 ppm.

treat with seahem prime every 2 days.

then hope for the best.


prime makes ammonia and nitrite less toxic up to 1 ppm.

prime evaporates in 48 hours.


be sure you remineralize the water when doing water changes.  :blink:

gh and kh should always be the same in the tank.

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ok thanks i usually always do but when i did the first one didn't do anything. i figured i try it without remineralize it. do you think i should place them in a different tank until i can stabilize it again?

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wait a sec,you have a 55g fish tank.

i assume it's cycled and aged?


you could take media from the filter of the 55g and just add it to the shrimp tank.

rocks,decorations,ect...would also work,all will have bacteria on it.

if you add enough bacteria,the nitrites will drop to zero pretty quick.

idk,maybe in a month you can remove it.there will be enough bacteria growth all over the tank.

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