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different question about Amazonia cycling

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I was wondering what is going to happen if I'll fill a tank with new amazonia up with water and leave it alone for 2 months?

Will it cycle on itsown without water changes?


I want to start a new tank for TBs only. But I can't do it right now because I have to leave all my tanks to my husband's care for 2 months. So right now one more tank to take care of is not good. So, if that "lazy" method will work, when I get back home I'll have a new cycled tank for my TB's.


What do you all think?

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Here is what I do, I guess it can help you also -

1. I take a bucket and drop the required soil there and do 100% water change for 2 weeks daily. As it is bucket so its easier. 10 days or 7 days is also fine. 2 weeks is just extra safe.

2. Post 2 weeks you can introduce the soil in the tank and use bacter 100 to get the tank cycled fast. Bacter 100 works best with ADA Amazonia to get the tank cycled faster. (This information I got from the ADA Dealers)

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