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Pruning Christmas moss?


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How does anyone care for their christmas moss?  The fronds are getting quite long on mine.  If I cut it down, will it start to branch at the tip?  Or will it grow from the base?  Or what??


Then, how do you "plant" the trimmed pieces?  I'd like to somehow get them on a piece of cholla wood that's already in the tank.  Will I have to tie it down, do you think, or can I stuff it in the holes & expect it to stay?


Thanks for any help I can get; I've never tried to maintain moss before.  :)

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yep just go ahead and chop it as short as you would like it to be. moss grows back with time.


as for the trimmings, the best thing to do is tie it to the cholla using fishing line. I personally like the ledges that you can buy from ElevateShrimp.com for my mosses.  

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