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Shrimp Disease? Shell rot?


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Posting this for another person, trying to get them some helpful answers to their problem.


Here is their thread with a picture



I have personally never seen this type of damage before.


Anyone know what this can be?


Water too acidic? I am not aware of a invert disease that causes damage like this, but if it were possible, I would assume bacterial, but would anyone know what specific med would work and is invert safe?


We are trying to figure out the GH/KH/pH still.



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Thanks for that great link Soothing Shrimp! I haven't came across that one before.


I looked it up a bit and found this great study on that disease you mentioned



On page 4 (page 10 of 51 for the pdf) it even talks about possible treatments.


I assume it is an anaerobic gram-negative bacteria since it is similar to Vibrio spp., Pseudomonas spp., Aeromonas spp., and Flavobacterium spp., in which case a antibiotic might help (just need to figure out which is most invert safe)


I can't say I am 100% sure that the damage is from a bacterial infection, but it does look highly probable. Any signs you see that make it more certain it is indeed that bacterial infection? The natural color of the shrimp does make it hard to see if the infection sight does melanize (turn brown/black). I am pretty sure you are right Soothing, just seeking a little more reassurance in the diagnosis.


Have you seen what dissolving shrimp exoskeletons from too acidic/soft water looks like? I have not, but I assume it might look like that, but the spots do seem in a general area, which does make the bacterial infection seem more possible.

Well I guess we will find out the water parameters and determine that either way


Thanks again Soothing!

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While pitting occurs in snail shells due to water params, I don't think I have seen it happen in shrimp.  I have seen pics of people having black spot disease though.  Despite the name, not all holes turn black before the shrimp die. :(


I hope I'm wrong for your friend's sake...

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