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Yellow or Orange Shrimps?


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Hi Everyone,


Not sure if this is the correct page to put this in, but I need your help identifying if this is true yellow or if I was just duped.


I recently bought orange shrimps from a breeder, and when I mentioned I preferred yellows, he offered some of his "friend's" yellow stock.

As the initial pictures he offered showed the shrimps as yellow, I agreed.


Ordered about 3 pairs from him.


Placed them in this 3 in 1 shrimp tank, that I had customized.




My problem now is that the "yellow shrimps" look very similar to his orange batch. Not sure if I was duped, or what he said is true.


These are the ORANGE ones:




He mentioned that all young yellow shrimps appear orange and will gradually become yellow as they molt more. Like an idiot, I believed him, but I'm not very sure if it's true or not.


These are the YELLOW ones:




This is the reason for my visit today, so I can verify if it's real or if I've been duped.


Really thankful for your help :)


Thanks all!



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