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Does anyone make their own shrimp food?


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If so, what do you put in it?



I kind of wanna make my own shrimp pellets. I'm interested to see if anyone else does this, what ingredients you use, and why.

I've seen some guides on a different forum that say you can make a paste in the blender and squirt out tubes with a large syringe then dry it in a dehydrator into pellets.


I have organic pea powder, bee pollen, spirulina, chia seeds, amaranth leaves, brewers yeast, and barley... I figured maybe some organic veggies like red bell pepper, carrot, spinach.  Maybe a touch of freeze dried krill to get a teeny bit of animal protein (I know they aren't supposed to have much) and chitin...



I've seen commercial shrimp foods that list things like paprika and cinnamon, but i'm not sure what benefits these things add.

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I did once, was kinda funny to do: http://www.shrimpmaster.net/blog/47/make-some-shrimp-food.html

Indeed I've added all kind of stuff just like you listed.


The only problem is that it sinks only after it floats for a few minutes. Have to press it together or something to make it sink faster. Not sure how.

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Careful how you add that, I nuked a bowl full of ghost shrimp with a small pinch of powdered crab shell.


I have some freeze dried krill for my other fish, I was planning to just toss like one or two into the mix... maybe i'll hold off tho.

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