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Dr. Tim One and Only / water conditioner

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Good Afternoon Everyone and Welcome Back!


I'm going to be starting my cycle tonight, i bought dr tim ammonium chloride and Dr. Tim one and only.


I didn't buy his Water Conditioner, I'm curious, I should be able to use any plain old Water Conditioner correct? I have a bottle of API water conditioner, that should do the trick right? I normally would use prime, but they state it could mess with their product, and kill the bacteria.


Can anyone please confirm if I could use the API water conditioner or should i buy the Dr. Tim Brand conditioner?


Thanks everyone!



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The one and only is not water conditioner.  It is his bacteria supplement.   Like seachem stabilty or  the quick start.



I used both the dr Tims products last time I started a tank and had nitrites almost immediately I forget the exact count.     You do not need it though. 

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