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Mysterious shrimp deaths


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So I normally neglect maintenance and my tank does awesome. I was getting some alage so decided to clean out my filter area. (Also did some spot treating. With excel). The past few days I have woken up to a few dead shrimp every morning. What the heck? The next day maybe if something shocked them but this is 5+ days later and it's still happening. 3f98ee2925ef051461948c88d0b3baac.jpg

What in the heck is up?!

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There're lots of negative algae growing in the tank, the tiny black hairy algae. Nutrient in the tank is not in good balance. 

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As mentioned if you cleaned your filter thoroughly that could be a bad sign, simply because you could of destroyed alot of your beneficial bacteria. Let us know what you find from your Ammonia testing, if that is not the case you may want to explain exactly what you did when cleaning your shrimp tank, so we can help you avoid the mistake again.

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0 ammonia. Completely clear. Maybe I cleaned to well


For filters I have two chambers plus a bag of bio rings in the back.

There was a lot of detritus that I sucked out when cleaning it from the back column c5ee2444ffb83dd139503683caaa81ba.jpg


Another death


I have a bunch of fancy ones showing up tomorrow as well

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As for the alage. That's the reason I did all this extra maintenance. Bba will be the death of me. I trimmed some do the furry leaves and did some hydrogen peroxide spot treating last night.

I'm on the fence if I should be doing fertilizers again it my. The tank is growing well as is but I still get Bba



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