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Sulawesi cardina dennerli babies!


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Good news tonight, after being in my aquarium for about 8 weeks and 4 weeks in this new aquarium. I found some Sulawesi cardina dennerli babies. Not the best photo as they’re around 3mm big, but very nice colours and white gloves as I remembered when I  had them 9 years ago. Just a snapshot but here’s a quick photo. I’m super excited. Just put in a small scoop of glas gracen shrimp baby


24950588423_c59de0210f_c.jpgcardina dennerli baby day 0 by Raymond Wong, on Flickr


thanks for looking




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11 minutes ago, rwong2k said:

sulawesi cardinals 2.5 month update with 100 babies


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Wow...what a great assortment.  The harlequin are nice, too.  I also had an issue with those nasty seed shrimp, but got rid of them with a couple of cory catfish.  They were fine around my adult shrimp but I did see them eat a baby!  Thats when I took them back to the fish store.   

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