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carpet or not?


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I've got a "show" tank of CRS that is fully carpeted in baby tears.  No Co2, but I dose excel.    


For my breeding tanks, I try to keep them minimal...  mostly moss on wood and other things I can easily move out of the way or remove if i need to try and catch a specific shrimp.


Its a HUGE pain in the ass to catch the shrimp in the heavily planted, carpeted tank without screwing everything up.

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I have done both, and I would have to say I actually prefer my shrimp tanks to be without carpets.One a carpet distracts from the shrimp themselves. Two it does make it quite difficult to see your shrimplets and/or shrimp if you are selectively breeding, or really just wanting to see your shrimp all the time. All depends what you want, and what your goals are.

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