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Is this stone raising my alkalinity?

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So a few weeks ago I noticed in addition to an empty 2.5g, I had a small filter with a sponge intake, a small air pump, a 10w heater, and a small led. So I found some left over black substrate and a white rock with a bunch of holes in it and set up the tank, because why not? Lol. It's been running a while with some plants and ramshorns breeding like crazy. Before I did a water change yesterday I checked the params:

pH 7.9

TDS 270

GH 8

KH 11?!

I have no idea how this happened and it seems strange since I started and WC with lab grade DI water (<5 ppm), carefully remineralized as needed.

The only thing I can think of is that white rock may be limestone or something like it, causing my alkalinity to go through the roof. Has anyone used/bought/had experience with a stone like this before and know what it is? Thanks!!!



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Ahah! That's it! Thanks Jynn! The Google machine says Texas holey rock is made of limestone, so it'll buffer to a pH of 7.4-8.2 and raise TDS and KH. So I guess my next question is, has anyone kept neos in a tank with this stuff? Is it a hassle?

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From what I've heard, neos are fine with a high pH as long as they're properly acclimated. Shrimp raised in a particular pH will also do better than if you introduced it to them as adults, so you may have some lag time.


I'm actually in the middle of scrubbing some holey rock/honeycomb limestone now to set up a Sulawesi tank. I may experiment by throwing in a few neo culls once it's cycled. :3

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I was able to drop the alkalinity to 6 dKH while maintaining a ph of 7.4. I think I will add a few culls tonight to see how they fare...

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KH stable at 6, here are the brave two getting acclimated. Let's hope they do well! e746d8474f65860f65d178da13a104ee.jpg

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