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ShrimpSpot Buce mini leaf clumps blowout sale


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All are mini leaf type and approx 3-4" CLUMPS!! 

All variations are $23 each CLUMP! Ready to go, just need time to stretch out and show their true colors! 

Please do not PM me, First come first serve, based off comment time in this post. (Don't edit your post) 
Standard Discobee shipping rate $8 priority for entire order, can be combined with any other products. ($80 or more free shipping)
If local you are welcome to pick up. (Culver City)


Updated stock list.
Type - # available left.
Blue Coin – 4
Red Coin -7
Purple Coin – 6
Fire Bird – sold out
Emerald Red – 1
Emerald Purple – 2
Emerald Blue – Sold out
Comet Red – 2
Comet Blue – 4
Blue Violet - sold out
Lower Ghost – 3
Upper Ghost – 1
Ghost – 2
Galaxy Red – Sold out
Mini Coin Purple – Sold out
Red Round Leaf – Sold out
Paris Type 2 – 1
Mid Blue – Sold out
Artemis – Sold out
Royal Blue – Sold out
Helana Type 2 – 2
Red Sword – Sold out
Helena – 2
Violet coin - Sold out
Hermes - Sold out

bags in photo are 4x6 for size reference.




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