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What is it and where did it come from?


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I found this random shrimp tonight in a tank that I only use to house some plants and currently have just a single danio fry that I am growing out. It appeared when i fed the fry some white worms tonight and have never seen it before. Very odd. Is this some sort of TB shrimp? If so I cant believe it is alive in this tank as I pretty much neglect it.

PH is 7.6 and tds is 422.

Beautiful shrimp though. Jet black with white spots. I do have a tank next to it with 4 TB in it (formally blue jellys but they now look like shadow pandas) but I have never transfered any plants from that tank to this one. Most of the plants were transferred from a neo/tiger tank. Very odd. Maybe it crawled over?


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Ah, the highly sought after "middle finger" pattern.......

He said "F" these guys and went to go live off by himself.

Lol didnt even noticed that.
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young baby shrimp are less likely to let go if pulled out with a plant,so it could be possible Han gave you free shrimp.

i would think the odds are slim they survived,but maybe the age was in their favor.

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Do you have another tank with shrimps that is fairly close to that one. I had two tanks almost touching each other and I caught a shrimp crawling out one tank and going into the one next to it.

Yes two tanks are touching and the other does have my TBs so maybe it crawled over. If so it was an amazing feat for that shrimp and to survive in such bad parameters is odd. Probably that or rode in from Han. I found some other threads on here of shrimp surviving in less than ideal parameters, some neat stories. Just when i thought these shrimp were so sensitive they prove me wrong.

I guess I need to acclimate him back to the TB tank now. I cant wait to breed out that middle finger spot. Lol

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