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FS: Royal Blue shrimp ($5.00 each), starter CRS CBS cheap


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Royal Blues $60 for 12 shrimp .  Minimum order is 12 shrimp.  Shipping is $12 for USPS Priority.  So $72 gets you a dozen Royal Blue Tigers (plus several extra) delivered to your house.  I have a quite a few juvenile Royal Blues that I would like to get rid of before it warms up.  I live in Texas, so shipping during the summer is iffy.  My Royal Blue colony is descended from shrimp that I bought from someone on another forum last year.  100% tank raised here, not imports.

I now also have a bunch of mixed grade CRS/CBS (juvie sized). For  $30 + $12 for shipping, you will get 20 shrimp, plus a few extras, shipped to you. 


Royal Blue tank conditions are:

Water PH ~7

Inert substrate (Flourite)

TDS 120


Basically I use RO water and remineralize with Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+.    These shrimp are very easy to care for. I rarely perform 10% water changes.  Pretty much just top off the tank with RO water.  Maximum temperature is important though.  Don't get these  if you cannot keep the tank at 76 degrees or less.

P1020831rb crop 2.jpg

P1020835rb crop1.jpg


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lowered price on Royal Blues
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I don't know too much about Royal Blue Tigers, except that they were a OEBT x BTOE cross. If I heard right, OEBT is just a lighter blue version of BTOE and BTOE is just a really dark (can be pretty much black, but is really a dark dark blue is you shine a light on it). How can we tell if it's not just a darker blue OEBT or slightly lighter blue/black BTOE?


I thought RBT were actually closer to Royal Blue color (though I guess I have heard more people saying RBT from certain areas of the world are darker?), more solid/intense color, no tiger stripes, and bred really true. Is the just no tiger stripes really the only way to tell by appearance? If so then I guess that makes it a bit harder to tell on darker shrimps?


Just want to get enlightened on the subject, as I do prefer the more light Royal Blue color RBT's rather than darker. Just personal preference, I am sure others like the darker color.

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These shrimp do appear very dark unless under bright lighting.  The dark substrate is probably not helping either.  The color varies, and some adults do look like Orange Eye Black Tigers at first glance.



Here is an adult with more lighting.  The juvenile shrimp tend to be a lighter shade, and they tend to darken with age.


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I am in the DFW area.  

These shrimp are very close to breeding 100% true.  Several hundred shrimp have been born in my colony and so far I have seen 2 shrimp that look like Orange Eye Blue Tigers.  Based on what I have seen it is greater than 99% true.  Not at all like OEBT which throw out a significant percentage of blondes.

Here are two more pics for the person who asked




DSC06755close crop.jpg

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