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Iodine/Iodide for Inverts

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Is using Iodine supplements required for successful molts and general health?

Are there certain foods that provide enough iodine?

If not, what iodine product should be bought and how much do we dose? I commonly hear of Kent's Iodide meant for Marine corals.

Any grocery market iodine/iodide usable?


Can anyone explain the science behind how iodine works? I like to learn the details :)

Just from briefly reading about how iodide is crucial for metabolism, hormones and thyroid function, it does seem it is necessary for good health. Maybe the ones that don't supplement it just don't realize the shrimps do need it, but it just so happens that their food or whatever, contains enough of it?

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I'm not sure how iodine affects shrimp but would be interested to find out.  Most seafood and seaweed contain good amounts of it.  Dried seaweed is available everywhere.  My local Asian market is where I get it as well as dried shrimp(with shell).  The prices are very reasonable.  Plus you get to see and pick out if you want, live fish,frogs,eels and turtles for dinner.

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I gave my crayfish some nori once. I'm not sure if it's because of the iodine or if they were just really hungry, but they all flocked to it. They each grabbed some within a few minutes of the nori sinking. I've read of crayfish eating their molted shells and their own poop to recycle minerals they don't have regular access to. I tried to feed some nori to my shrimp, but one of my mystery snails at the whole piece before anything else could get to it. I'll need to offer it again to see if they respond the same way.

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