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I am wanting to do an Iwagumi scape in a 10 gallon Snow White Crystal Tank, what is the best type of rock for this that will not alter the water?

A few that have been mentioned to me are: Ohko-Dragon Stone, ADA Koke

All suggestions greatly appreciated


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Oh yeah, the ADA Koke stones are supposed to be inert. Haven't used them myself, but I believe they are volcanic stones.

Make sure to any rocks a good wash, especially the ones with deep crevices like Dragon stone.

Petrified wood and yamaya stones are other inert options.

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I've heard horror stories about people boiling or baking rocks and having them explode, so I never do that. If you really wanted, I guess pouring hot/boiling water over them might be alright.

A quick rinse is all most of them need really. You could just throw them straight into the tank without cleaning if you wanted, but there is some chance that is has something (clay) not inert on it, or is just dirty. Don't really have to worry about disease if they are dry.

Note that dragon stone is fairly delicate, so when cleaning and handling it, don't be too rough with it, use a brush.

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Go down to "Specs for Ohko Stone"



There has been some mention that there may be some soft clay that would collect in the vesicles/cavities in Ohko/dragon stone, which explains why some may experience increases in TDS or PH rises. Hence why washing the stones before use is recommend (again, be gentle as it is fairly fragile). The dragon stone itself though is inert, which has proven so for many that have used it and not had even the slightest water param fluctuation. I, myself, have used some with no changes. As with all hardscape, it can be wise to test stones as a precaution before using (in case you received the wrong stone or it has water param-altering contaminants).


I'm no geologist so I don't know exactly what the stone is made of, but I did come across an interesting discussion among some geologist talking about this type of stone.


I was more reading into the comment made by "silico" 

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Just do some searches like "dragon stone inert", "dragon stone raise ph" (or swap with Ohko stone). Message suppliers of the stone if you want.

If dragon stone was not inert, everyone would have altered water params, but not everyone does. So it does make sense that the few instances that people have had fluctuations, that there likely was contaminants (soft clay) within the crevices of the stone. Give it a good brushing and rinsing and then let it sit in a bucket of water and test to be verify if it's all inert. Not much I can say.

Lava rock is inert and usually never has any "contaminants". I've seen it available in black or red. Both colors can look pretty nice once they've "aged" (grown algae or moss, and/or biofilm).


Unfortunately most of the other cool looking aquascaping stones are not inert.


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