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The stocking plan. Our downfall as aquarists.

Tannin Aquatics

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Did you develop a "stocking plan" for your most recent aquarium?

I think we have lofty plans to stock our new tanks exactly how we want. We get really excited, start adding all of the shrimps and fishes we planned on...and then, before we realize it...we're full. No more room for new animals. None.


The simple answer. Get another tank! Because a good stocking plan will simply set you up for frustration! Why? Because, quite simply, you can't have it all.


Doesn't matter if you created a 5-gallon aquarium, or a 500-gallon aquarium. It hits you just the same.


Think about it. We spend a lot of time researching all of the shrimps, fishes, and other creatures we're going to add to our new aquarium, develop sequences for whom is added when- and so forth. And, for the most part, we execute on our plans pretty well. In fact, probably too well.


Because what inevitably happens is we look ago our newly-stocked tank, brimming with life, and we're enamored...To the point where we wish we added that one more fish...Wouldn't that Checkerboard Cichlid be so cool? Ohh, can't do it- you opted for a family of Apistogramma instead....Oh, and those Sparkling Gouramis you saw at the LFS yesterday would be so cool..but this is a South American-themed tank, and they're from Asia..It would look... weird...Right?


Or maybe, just maybe, this is the tank where you'll eschew all of the fancy shrimp and go "Old School", with just a bunch of Amano Shrimp in a sexy planted environment, and call it a day. But those King Kongs are so cool...Hmm..


So, from the minute we "finish"- or for that matter-start- a new aquarium, we're actually working on the next one! Because everything that we couldn't include in this one, we have to add to the next one. It's not that we don't enjoy or appreciate what we already have. Ot's just that there are so many possibilities out there, right? Some new fish- some new concept- will capture your attention. Thats what being a fish geek is.


That is the crux of what we call "Multiple Tank Syndrome." 

It's simply not possible for a serious fish geek to have just one tank. Or, if he or she is stuck with one tank, there is almost certainly a lot of scheming going on, and changes in the setup might happen sooner, rather than later. In other words, we cope.


Far be it from me to look on this phenomenon with anything but awe. It infects every fish geek, regardless of the original intentions, budgetary restrictions, space, or impact on spousal relations.

It's how 30 tank fish rooms get built.


Multiple Yank Syndrome. Very real. Very challenging.

And very cool.

If you have this- consider yourself blessed.

Your a genuine, 100% fish geek.

Simple as that.

Revel in the title. Relish the affliction. Stay obsessed. Keep scheming. Keep dreaming. Keep building. Get another tank...

And stay wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

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1 hour ago, buceplant said:

Multiple Tank Syndrome is very real, we can attest to that! 

...And some of us get really nuts and turn this insanity into businesses! :mp3:



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46 minutes ago, mayphly said:

I received my "fundo misto" bag of goodies today! My shrimp attacked the pods like there's was no tomorrow.

Thanks again!


That is awesome to see! Hope they- and YOU- enjoy!

Thanks for sharing!


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