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why would this happen

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I have a snowball tank and have been breeding them since 2010. but I recently got 1 shrimp out of the thousands that I have bred, and this 1 shrimp look dark almost black.

these were never ever mixed and were pure snowball shrimps from Germany.

any thought,


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Mutation. Same way Taiwan Bees came about, and several other variations of shrimp.

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Looks like the wild form to me.

Example of one of the variations of Neo Palmata Wild form


You may want to start a small separate tank and move it and an opposite sex over to create the wild line. 

Many people are now starting to get into wild colored shrimp for their own beauty.

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 I see, looked wild to me but I was a bit confused as I bred this shrimp times and times again and now I am seeing this shrimplet right after I placed some CRS in the tank with them for about 2 months now.


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