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Amano shrimp attacking other shrimp


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Does anybody have any experience with Amano shrimp in the same aquarium with dwarf shrimp.

I just turned on the lights and witnessed one of my Amano shrimp manhandle a dwarf shrimp like a piece of food. Dipped a net in to try and separate them and the Amano took off with the shrimp in his claws. I was able to save this shrimp but it's making me worried that this asshole is killing my shrimps behind my back.

I was always under the impression that Amano shrimp are aggressive scavengers but won't harm the other shrimp.

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Definitely not vegetarian. Mine go absolutely nuts when I feed my fish/frogs live blackworms. They grab as many as they can all at once and really hold on tight to the little wrigglers. I would definitely not trust them with smaller shrimp or even fish fry.

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