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has anyone noticed?


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Im sure its been spoken about, but I have noticed in my tanks which are share with Neo's and Card's that the Card's are super aggressive when it comes to feeding time. where the Card's have literally take the big pellet I drop and swim away with it and leave the Neo's to starve.

In my only Neo tank they are more "group sharing", even taking turns at times. lol


All of my Card's are aggressive eaters, one steals the pellet then another steals it  and vise versa. its a comical show

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I've actually seen the opposite and it's probably due to the neos population constantly being greater than the cards so every neo swarms the food dish. I have a video that I'll try to upload and you can see the dish just covered by babies and adults.



Shrimp swarm

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Yes my cards are way more active at feeding time.  As soon as the food hits the water they swarm it and it does not really matter what kind of food either.  My Neos will gather but it really is not a feeding frenzy like the cards.  TB and Tigers seem to be a lot more fussy as to the type of food and there seems to be more of a pecking order in that a smaller shrimp will back off the food when a bigger shrimp comes along.  In my Card tank even the little guys are in there duking it out...

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