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Yellow Neo Tank Questions


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I had a 1.5 gallon tank with a Eco-Complete substrate, DHG, a 50W heater and an Aqua Tech 5-15 filter filled with ceramic rings and sponge. I already had a betta in there and I got 6 ghost shrimp last Tuesday, knowing that I would soon upgrade to a bigger tank. I ended up having to separate them because a berried female jumped out and my betta jumped out and it was just a whole mess. I covered it temporarily. So I bought a 10 gallon tank and set it up on Saturday. It has the same substrate, just used the rest of the bag. Same filter, same DHG, just replanted it. Same heater. And the shrimp are doing fine.


I posted my first journal here:



I have been wanting to get some Golden Back Yellow Neos. Can I just put them in this tank (when I don't have the ghost shrimp anymore)? Do I have to drain the tank, add Bacter AE and Mironecton and Beta G under the substrate or can I just add it to the water column and let it settle? Are the additives even necessary? My filter is fully cycled also. Is it absolutely necessary for me to check the TDS? My pH is stable at 7.0, so I think that's okay. Do I have to buy an RODI machine?

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