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FS: Shrimpy Shrimps & Shrimpy Goodies!!


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Hello Fellow Hobbyists!


I have a couple of things for sale!


Firstly, I have a couple of shrimp packages available for sale.


PRL Package – 10+1 PRL for $110 + Actual Shipping Cost (1 Pkg available)





**Note** These are NOT my Japanese Red Bees. These are PRL that is a hybrid of my original XIN/Feather PRL (from speedie) and Nishiki PRL. These shrimps have been selectively bred for over 3 years and are my work in progress project and a labor of love (along with my JRB project).


Japanese Zebra Black Pintos - - $40 + Actual Shipping Cost






These are sourced and bred from my original trip to Japan. If I’m not mistaken, Japanese Pintos and German Pintos comes from the same source. These are all of Japanese lineage but bred by me in the good ‘ol USA.


Mischlings - $3/Each + Actual Shipping Cost / Minimum Order: 10






Just good ‘ol regular mischlings… nothing you haven’t already seen. These will be a mix of black/red colored crystals with a few blondes in the mix.


Crystal Red Shrimps $3/Each + Actual Shipping Cost / Minimum Order: 10

Crystals are of good grade. I don’t really focus on patterns so they’ll be a mix of S-SS but they will definitely have better than average whites and reds. Nothing special. Sorry no photos... too lazy…


All shrimps are shipped inside insulation foam boxes. Sorry no heat packs available.


DOA Disclaimer/Guarantee:

* Packaged must be received on first attempt.

** Shrimp package must be physically received within 2 hours of delivery confirmation w/ clear photo of shrimps in original packaging & untampered. 

*** I am not responsible for USPS delays, mishandlings, and negligence.


Lastly, I have plants for sale

Flame Moss - $10/GB

Peacock Moss - $10/GB

Mini Pellia - $25


As always, my plants are algae and snail free.  I don’t skimp on the plants or portions of plants I’m selling. Too lazy for photos but the mini pellia is a good size in case folks are wondering. Always healthy and happy plants!


Shipping will be $6.80 for all plants and items not marked with free shipping or a shipping cost next to the unit cost.  Please be mindful of your local weather.  California temperatures have been moderately cool, but please still be mindful of the temperature.  Shrimps must be received on first delivery attempt.


Buy with confidence.  Thank you!



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1 hour ago, MinusInfinity said:

Which tb's do your mischlings produce?

Mischling have a chance of producing all TBs

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Long time no see! Shrimp look great! Let me know when you plan on selling some JRB.

You got it! Expanding the project with a few more tanks. Should help with the project.

Which tb's do your mischlings produce?

A mixture of reds and blacks. I sort of tossed my excess culled males into the mischling tank. Should throw out crazy stuff.

Mischling have a chance of producing all TBs

Thanks for the assistance! [emoji1]

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No they do not. So you're telling me if I had a line of CBS mischlings that were crossed with only bkk. I could get Red wine, Red panda, blue bolts, blue jelly, green hulk, ykk?

Last I heard, YKK wasn't an original Taiwan Bee. Taiwan Bee, to me, is defined as Red Wines, Rudy Reds, Pandas, Blue Bolts, BKK, and probably a few others I forget off the top of my head. Generally speaking, green hills, and Blue Jelly are unstable and tend to revert back once they age or (personal experience) get healthier as the trait is an indicator of an unhealthy shrimp. Never have I seen an adult blue jelly or hulk. I don't even know what a YKK is so I won't claim mines can produce.

Regardless, they're $3 a piece. Did you expect them to produce everything you want and need? Lol! ...Kidding...



Not YKK because that's not TB, it's a cross.


And blue jelly/green hulk tend to revert to KK.

Thanks for the assistance. [emoji38]

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