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Anyone got pics of NESSIE shrimp? Soothing's Neos


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If anyone obtained any Nessie shrimp, I am interested in seeing more pics of them.

I have seen most of Soothing's pics of them, but I know they don't really do them justice (Sorry Soothing! :P )



By the way Soothing, I've been seeing that Kanoko shrimp (RCS variant) are one of your favorites. Has anyone recreated that strain? Have you tried? I'd like to hear more about how to develop that strain. I'm itching to develop (or recreate) of Neos, and those Kanoko's do interest me, but I'd need to learn more about how they were created. Really difficult? I assume it's just finding a mutation with those black markings and selective breeding those specimens. Any idea what the chances are of getting that mutation again and how long to stabilize it (ballpark % numbers may help)? Yeah I'm a newbie, but hey, I may be up for the task.

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I suck taking pics. Lol


Some pfr have black spots.  The conventional thinking is that develops on older pfr, but I disagree.


Find pfr wirh black spots and breed them is my best guess.  You are working on a bell curve, so some offspring may have the black and some not.


Lots of different ways to selectively breed, so I won't go into that here.


I was going to do it with mine, but the black spread over the body.  I'm pretty sure you have to get the modifiers lined up correctly.


How long depends on many things: how quickly the modifiers line up, how prominent the black spots are, and some luck.


With those variables, think 2 years minimum for 95% true if everything by some miracle goes right, to 5+ years or more if having troubles.

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