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Tiny Worm ID?


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Hey shrimpers! I'm trying to figure out what these worms(?) that just popped up in one of my neo tanks overnight could be. I wish I could post a picture but these are SMALL, and I have trouble even getting clear shots of adult shrimp. Anyway, they are thin, white, threadlike worms only about three millimeters in length. Most of them are grouped into little tufts with one end attached to either leaf litter or patches of suesswassertang. From these tufts, I would have assumed they were some type of mold, but I do see some individual worms moving on the glass or swimming just above the substrate.


No recent shrimp deaths or signs of disease. Both adults and shrimplets are able to graze near these worm colonies without seeming to be bothered. I don't mind how they look and prefer the natural planted tank aesthetic, so if they're not harmful I don't plan on getting rid of them. I'm guessing I missed some piece of food and need to be more diligent about cleaning up leftovers. Double-checked ammonia and nitrites and they're luckily both at 0.


The last addition to the tank were half a dozen high grade sakuras from a LFS that I had kept in quarantine for a week before that.


Known critters already in the tank: Detritus worms, ostracods, copepods, white rhabdocoela (I see one of these once in a blue moon).


Other critters they're definitely not: Planaria, vorticella, hydra.



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sounds like detrius worms.  Usually a sign of overfeeding, or you need to clean your substrate.   Theyre harmless if thats what they are.


They usually poke outta the substrate, but will sometimes swim freely or wiggle about on the glass.





If they are smaller than detrous worms, they might be nematodes? 



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