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Any shrimp for sale in Michigan?


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If this type of post isn't allowed my apologies and please delete.


Otherwise as stated in the title anyone selling shrimp in Michigan and will do local pickup?


I would like to save on shipping expenses and the stress of it if possible.


Unfortunately none of the lfs sell any fancy shrimp -- unless I wanted to pay 12 bucks for 1 regular crystal red shrimp.. ?  lol.



I'm Btw located in Calhoun County.









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Welcome to the forum.  There are two clubs near you, GVAC and SWMAS.  I know there are some shrimp keepers there.  There are shrimp keepers in Ann Arbor and the Detroit area.  You might want to do a web search and reach out via the club web site or Facebook. 


I would comment that having a hobbyist ship you a few shrimp via priority mail is very different than importing.  I find that shrimp that are shipped from hobbyists are generally normal and unstressed in a day or two, and sometimes it is just moments after you release them into their new home.  About the only time that I've seen any stress is when the water conditions change dramatically.  The problem with shipping, is that it is hard to 'chat' shrimp with the seller. 


I hope that helps a little,





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