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Converting dirted tank to add crystal shrimp?

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I setup a 5g dirted tank for neos but now I'd like to add crystal shrimp. I understand if I change the water parameters to have a kh of 0 without an active substrate to buffer the ph, it will be subject to ph crashes. Will adding a handful of Ada soil in the filter or small net bag in the tank be enough to buffer it or should I just tear out the dirt and start over with 100% Ada soil?

Part two.... Changing the water from using gh/kh to just salty gh... Without removing the neos Can I just do 10% change each week using the gh until it's kh is zero? Then add the crystal shrimp?


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Yes you can add the SS at 10% a week to lower the parameters. However im sure you know that ADA soil can produce ammonia if it is new, if you have some that are already going thats good. I never have good luck in doing something like this, in the long run it is probably easier just to use ADA soil and be done with it. There really is nothing like it and it works awesome!, Thats what I would do personally.

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Yes ada produces ammonia for up to 6 weeks. Also dirtied tanks are prone to releasing gas bubbles that can cause ammonia spikes and wipe out. Ore sensitive shrimp. I have seen it first hand when I first started with crystals in a dirtied tank.

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