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Just some noob questions...


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Hi ? 

Just thought I would ask afew things.. I have setup a tank with a corner hmf. 

And just have afew questions about my shrimp ect.

info.. Em I have a basic size tank..about 50l I believe it is.

also all I have in it arm is red cherry shrimp.


I am having some problems with my females.. 

I have had 2 die on me.. But they were both due to shed so I was just wondering if there is some kinda supplement that I should be feeding them ?


Plus all they really get for dinner are pleco wafer things (the 2 coloured ones) I cut little bits off them.. They eat them fine and can count 5+ outta the 14 I have in the bowl a little after I put it in.. Anyway what's the best food for a noob to be looking for.. Just something I can give them everyday and that is easy to get (or is pleco wafers ok) ? Although I do give them frozen bloodworm once a week or so.. They seem to like these.


The females that have got to the stage of being berried ( 3 so far) have all dropped their eggs the 1st day of being berried.. What is the most common reason for this and how do I fix it (am waiting for a tumbler to get here for the worst case, figured some chance is better than none) ?


Also will eggs that they drop even be suitable for tumbling or will they be dead as soon as she drops them (or I notice) ?


am sure I will have more questions ?




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Bad molts are often due to water hardness, do you know your GH/KH and/or TDS?


If you get to the eggs quickly, you can tumble them.  You'll want to very carefully scrape them from her underside without removing them from the water if possible.       It's not uncommon for first time mothers to drop their eggs.

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7 hours ago, Matt9892 said:

I don't mean from the dead ones.. I have never had a berried one die on me...touch wood..lol

i mean the eggs that they deposit on the floor.... Or filter..



Same thing applies with the floor eggs then, If they are actually fertilized and you get to them right away, you MAY be able to tumble them.  No harm in trying anyway.


The shrimplets probably wont survive unless you fix whatever is wrong with the water. 


Do you know your gh/kh?      what are the tank params?

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I have nothing to monitor tds.

i just tested.. But we're strip test so take with a pinch of salt..lol

nitrate is 20 ish (but also says that on tap water.. So think it's wrong)

nitrite 0-0.5

ph 7.5-8

kh 120-180

gh 180 (maybe more)


i do do put thing in the water I change and it is tap water..

i use api stress coat + (mostly because we had it already) this should remove chlorine and chloramines.. And detoxifies heavy metals according to the packet.


oh I will add that I could not cycle the tank as I should have done because I had shrimp in a small crappy tank while I siliconed.. Again with hind sight would have done diff but it is what it is.. But it has been a while (would have to look up exact) so should be balanced.. Or at least mostly there..


Also I don't have as much plant (and some needs to grow) as I am planning on having when it is done.. I mean who needs a little 5cm x 5cm patch of moss.. That's not even growing yet..lol 

Once the plants are established it should help to keep the nitrate lvl down abit better ?


Anyway hope all this helps with your diagnosis...


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You're saying you see females berry, then all drop their eggs the next day?  Are you sure what you are seeing "deposited" on the floors and filter are really egg clutches?


If three females dropped eggs in even a ten gallon tank, I think you would be hard pressed to find eggs, let alone all three clutches.

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Yep 100% sure that's what they are.. And they are not really that hard to find.. 

Big red (my darkest red) placed hers on the bright blue filter.. Easy to see.. Also she has green eggs 

so they stand out.

one other placed hers just outside the cholla wood cave bit.. 

The other I can't remember..


But yeah they are pretty easy to spot and remove.. Just sucked em up turkey baster.. Not sure if I am supposed to leave em in there like the skins.. But figured they would prob rot rather than get eaten so I have been removing.. Just havnt got tumbler yet.. Damn uk.. Is coming from like China (was gonna make one but for £6 figured pipe ect would cost me more).


plus the eggs do seem to be like bunched together.. So it's not like I found them all separately it was a big wad of them.. Will show you if it happens again... Hoping it doesn't..



oh also also how do pictures wirk on this site.. Do I need to post elsewhere like photobucket and link.. Or actually upload to here ?



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Well,if youve got nitrites, then you might still have ammonia too, but your strips don't have that test I guess.

Any amount of ammonia or nitrite is an issue for sensitive shrimp.    


Your KH and GH are both a bit high as well.      Maybe do a partial water change with some RO or distilled water to get that down (as well as your ammonia and nitrite)




For pictures, I personally upload to Imgur and them add them that way with the "insert other media" link on the bottom right when making or editing a post.

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