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Substrate color for Dream blue shrimp

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Hi, Im getting Dream blue shrimp , they are a medium blue to darked blue color. The sellers photos has them on black substrate they look nice but a lot of people have them on pool filter sand that I have its a light color. Which one do you think is best, I could also mix black sand with pool filter sand ?thanks.

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Go lighter have mine on black sand never knew how good they really looked until on a lighter background?

-Chris Taylor


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I would go with a dark substrate because the shrimp can hide better from the betta. It's what's best for the blue dream shrimp and their survival numbers.  Against a live heavily planted aquarium 20gal. the Blue Dreams would look fantastic and they love heavily planted live ones. Just be sure you have rocks with  crevices for the blue dreams to hide, have their young, mate, and molt. Real slate rock can be glued to make great hiding places for the blue dreams. The betta will know where they are so plan to colonize the blue dreams first.  Then get your betta later. Ceramic tubes can be placed in the tank for the shrimp to hide. Glue lots of Java moss on the rocks, tubes and on everything because shrimp adore Java moss. The young juveniles love to hide in the long java moss growth. You can see them against the green. Enjoy !! 💙  GO BLUE!

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