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Marmorkrebs actually is Procambarus fallax

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Found a neat scientific paper written about comparative study between Marmokrebs and Procambarus fallax. 


In short, the research concludes that Marmorkrebs is actually a form of Procambarus fallax, and NOT alleni or a cross.  This form of Procambarus fallax obviously has the ability of parthenogenesis- and although it exists in aquariums and said to be found in the wild of Japan, Germany, Italy, Madagascar, and the Netherlands- a natural population of them are currently unknown.


Here's the paper if anyone wants to delve that far: http://www.ctoz.nl/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ctz;sid=85b8cb4e58ea2be46fd44ad7733e3272;rgn=main;idno=m7903a03;view=text


So, although the paper does not mention a correct way of labeling them, I suppose it could be something like: Procambarus fallax var. Marmokrebs

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 Procambarus fallax f. virginalis

is cited as the current scientific name on that site. Author is legit as far as I can tell; as I research them, he pops up on message boards that lead me back to his page.

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It's still possible that Marmorkrebs is a hybrid of some sort. The Martin et al. (2010) paper uses only mitochondrial DNA for the test, which you only get from the mother. Nuclear DNA is inherited from both parents, and might tell a more complicated story. Asexual species often turn out to have some sort of hybrid origin.


Zen Faulkes

Biology, UTPA

Apparently legit

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