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How are these numbers?

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It depend ..

What neos u have.

What is your gh kh..

How long is running the tank? .

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I'm relatively new to dwarf shrimp so I don't have much experience/knowledge on what water parameters all these shrimps really do best at.

But here is a general water parameter guide


For Red Cherry Shrimp:

PH: 6.4–7.6, KH: 2–5, GH: 6–8

TDS: 80 – 200 Water temp: 69-74F

So your given water parameters seem fine. Note that GH, KH, and even Temperature are still important. Though Neos for the most part, are pretty adaptable.

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If you're TDS is near 100, that means you have about 5 degrees of hardness to play with. So if its KH:GH 1:4 or 2:3 degrees, you're solid (but you might wanna raise the KH in the first case and the GH in the second by about a degree or 2). But TDS around 100 and and your pH being that high it is possible your KH is high and the GH is dangerously low, which will cause molting issues. Definitely go get a GH/KH test kit and let us know your results.

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Thank you for the replies! 


The shrimp are red rilis.

The tank has been running for just over a year now.

The water temp has been rising, because the house temp is rising.  Currently the water is around 80-82.  The house AC doesn't kick in until 78 degrees, and we're still in heating weather here!  I'm not sure what I can do to lower the water temperature, other than leave the glass lid off the tank.

I will be able to check the kh & gh tomorrow.  I don't *think* I have molting issues, because I have seen lots of shed molts around the tank.  But at the same time I have lost shrimp for reasons unknown.  The last one I saw became lethargic and was dead by the end of the day, without moving from its spot.


Again, thank you all for the help!  :)

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