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bolts in higher ph


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Nice Dluxe! Know the rest of the params?

Were the Blue Bolts just low grade culls (and the high params didn't effect coloration)? Or were they better looking/more blue, but lost color due to the higher params?

They are active, eating and I did see at least one berried BB and one berried Blue Diamond (look more like Blue Dream Rili's or Blue Carbons to me) so they are doing good I'd say!


I'm all for creating strains of softer, acidic Caridinas, adapted to Neocaridina params!

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These are low culls just to test out in a Neo parameters.

the blues on them wasn't as strong to begin with. I did toss a middle grade BB, ill see if I can spot and see the coloration difference. have the BB's in the tank for about 4 months now in these parameters with zero deaths.

parameters if im not mistaken

I believe for this tank it is

TDS 200-300

gH 6-8

kH 2-5

Temp 74-76F



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Just now, dazalea said:

I was able to keep my caridinas healthy in tap water high ph... they would berry regularly however the survival rate of the babies was much lower then what it would be in the standard low ph bee params. So for breeding purpose FOR ME  I found to keep them at their low ph is best, ro water.


I have noticed that the berried females are not fully berried, what i mean is I can count perhaps 3-6 eggs in there belly, were in regular RO water under the correct parameters the belly's are at full capacity where the female struggles to walk. Idk if that is something different that happens in Neo parameters but I have noticed this.

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