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Info and Pics of Green Hulks and Blue Jellys Caridina?


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Anyone got pics they wouldn't mind sharing?

I like the look of both of these, but I'm wondering why they don't seem to be kept as much as the other Taiwan Bees.

Do they not breed as true as the other bees?

Do some or most of them end up turning black (BKK) as they get older?


Think it would be cool if some used them to create Blue or Green Panda/Crystal shrimps or Pintos.

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All of my blue jelly cardina slowly turned to shadow panda coloration. Now they bounce between panda and shadow panda colors. Im not sure if it is because of my specific tank parameters or their age.

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My green hulk stayed green only a little while during adulthood and eventually turned black. I was surprised it was green for that long. All my blue jellies also turned black eventually.



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Thanks for the replies everyone!

Bummer they end up turning black. Even for top breeders :( 

Still nice shrimp and I might still get those over (already) BKK, but just was hoping they'd stay the green/blue-green coloration. Guess not though.


If anyone has a scientific explanation (you can explain it down to a cellular level if you know!) why this happens, I'd be interested in hearing how/why that occurs.

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