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Red Water Fern (Azolla filiculoides)

Mr. F

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I'm gonna acclimatize it to aquarium growth in my 20L as the sole floating plant. Also to get rid of pests (massive pea puffers in there. I have a bucket full of it (literally) in 3 color morphs. Once it starts propagating, if people are interested in purchasing I will put it up for sale.

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They're very beautiful pants, RAOK soon and when enough for sale I'll make thread. Got share this! I'll most likely be doing 5"x5" of azolla for sale/trade when i get it propagating.Also a few more California natives coming my way so ill have to share! Any idea in the what It is? (shown below)163a0d96e6c51a635b72df0447849b95.jpg

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